• Date: 2021/10/13

Full Paper Formatting and Page Limit

Follow the instructions below 

Full Paper

  4–6 pages (2,000–3,000 words), including references, tables/ figures


 500-600 words

Key words

 3-6 words


12-point Times New Roman

Paper size

A4 size




 MS Word Compatible file

  • Date: 2021/10/11

Notification to All Authors and co-authors

Dear ALL Authors and Co-authors,

You are hereby reminded to:

1. UPLOAD your FINAL FULL PAPER (2,000 to 3,000 words) as soon as possible on this website before the set deadline. 

Please avoid LATE SUBMISSIONS, any paper submitted past the deadline will not be considered for publication

2. For all authors presenting E-Paper +ORAL should prepare the Powerpoint (PPT) Slides earlier enough  and UPLOAD them ONE WEEK before November 14th.

Best Regards in your preparations


Warm Up For It!

  • Date: 2021/10/05

Important Notification

Dear all,

All AASVET 2021 conference participants including ALL AUTHORS are highly encouraged to REGISTER on this site as soon as possible especially those who have not done it.

ALL Authors pay attention:

1. All authors are reminded to submit their Final FULL PAPERS (2,000 to 3,000 words including revised abstracts) online before October, 20th 2021 (All time zones). Be reminded that LATE submissions will not be accepted and not considered.

2. Also note that ALL papers submited here should not have been previously presented and/or published at another conference or journal before.


Best Regards! 

AASVET 2021 Secretariate

  • Date: 2021/10/01

Important Notification for Authors

Dear all Authors,
This is to inform you that:
1. Be ready to make your presentation either by E-PAPER+ORAL or E-PAPER only;
E-PAPER+ORAL means the authors have to submit their FULL PAPERS (2,000 to 3,000 words with your revised abstract) on AASVET 2021 Official Website AND make ORAL presentation on November 14. Both E-Paper and Presentation will be published on the website.

E-PAPER Only means the authors have to submit their  FULL PAPERS ONLY that will be published on the website.

2. Provide your full address for mailing you CERTIFICATE

ALL Authors and Co-authors are encouraged to provide detailed addressess for mailing you the CERTIFICATE after the conference as Recognition of everyone's contribution reguadless of whether they will present by E-Paper+Oral or E-Paper only.


Best Wishes in preparations

  • Date: 2021/09/21

Notification for Full Paper Submission

Dear Authors,

This is to inform all authors whose paper abstracts were accepted that endeavor to do the following:

1. UPLOAD your FULL PAPER (2,000 to 3,000 words including abstract, tables, figures and references). Submission deadline: OCTOBER 20th 

2.  Prepare your E-Paper + ORAL Presentation

3. Provide a detailed ADDRESS for mailing you the CERTIFICATE

Looking forward to meeting you


Let's the Conference Mood!

  • Date: 2021/09/18

Abstract Submission Notification

Dear all, 

This is to notify you all that ONLY TWO (2) DAYS left to AASVET 2021 EXTENDED ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE (2021/09/20).

All intersted participznts should submit their abstracts asap before the set deadline 

Don't delay! Do't betray yourself!

Let's face it


  • Date: 2021/09/14


Dear all, 

This is to inform all intending AASVET 2021 Conference participants that the EXTENDED ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE (2021/09/20) is very close to an END just 6days from NOW.

All intersted participznts should submit their abstracts asap before the set deadline 

Don't delay! Do't betray yourself!

Let's face it


  • Date: 2021/08/30


Dear all members and prospective participants,

We know everyone is working very hard to meet AASVET 2021 Conference requirements even though time isn't our best ally. 

For this matter, to enable all interested people to participate in this conference, Abstract submission DEADLINE has been  EXTENDED to 2021/09/20 with hopes that interested people continue to submit their abstracts (500 to 600 words) as soon as possible.

NOTE: All prospective participants are highly encouraged to do the needful as soon as possible 


Let's Keep the Spirit !

  • Date: 2021/08/19

Important Notification

Dear all, You're hereby informed that ONLY 12days are left to the AASVET2021 ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE. Please endeavour to submit your abstracts as soon as possible to avoid late submissions.


Here we go!

  • Date: 2021/08/13

2021 AASVET Conference

The 17th AASVET International Conference on Information and Technology connection with TVET Development will be held from NOV 14th, 2021 in Yuntech University, Taiwan. The main purpose of this conference is to enable participants exchange ideas and promote new researches on vocational education and training in Asian countries, and to support our friendship among members of AASVET. This conference is one of the most highly acclaimed meetings in the field of TVET, and we are truly glad to hold such a prestigious event in Taiwan. Therefore, all participants are warmly welcome to submit their abstracts as early possible before the deadline We TEAM for Excellence in TVET!

  • Date: 2021/08/12

Notification on 2021 AASVET Conference

Dear all,

2021 AASVET conference is on going to be held  online in Taiwan.

All interested participants are hereby reminded to submit their abstracts (500 to 600 words) as soon as possible before the set deadline on August 31st 

Don't Miss This Opportunity To Share your Research findings with the World.

Here we go! 

  • Date: 2021/07/05

Notification 2021 AASVET CONFERENCE

Dear all,

2021 AASVET conference is going to be held in Taiwan by online. 

Relevant information about important dates, paper sbmission, main theme and scopes of this event are availble right now from this homepage!

Here we go!