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    Work training to pass COVID19 epidemics
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    How to find jobs in the post pandemic era?
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    As COVID19 spread, so did a job crisis
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    Work education in the post pandemic era
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    Digital skills initiative plan of Microsoft
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2021 AASVET President’s Greeting Remark by Prof. Taniguchi

As president, I would like to give a brief greeting on the occasion of this conference.

The conference, which started in 2005, will celebrate its 17th anniversary this year.
The accumulation of conferences can be said to be the history of AASVET itself.
Initially organized in East Asia, AASVET has since grown significantly with the addition of Southeast Asian countries. The annual conference, which is held around the participating countries, is the most important opportunity to solidify the identity of the organization AASVET. However, the COVID-19 disaster that has continued since last year has severely restricted our academic activities.

There is concern that academic society activities will be stagnant because members from each country cannot gather in one place to make presentations and discussions face-to-face. Like last year, this year's conference will be on the web and there are some restrictions, but I would like to see many members participate in this year's conference and make it a grand conference. I would like to express my respect and gratitude for the efforts of the members of Taiwan, the secretariat of this year's conference.

Let's overcome the crisis caused by COVID-19 and further develop AASVET.

Dr. TANIGUCHI Yuji, President of AASVET

Preface of 2021 AASVET conference

The International Conference on Information and Technology connection with TVET Development(The 17th AASVET International Conference in 2021)will be held from NOV 14th, 2021 in Yuntech University, Taiwan. The main purpose of this conference is to exchange ideas and promote new researches on vocational education and training in Asian countries, and to support our friendship among members of AASVET.

This conference is one of the most highly acclaimed meetings in the field of TVET, and we are truly glad to hold such a prestigious event in Taiwan.

Scope of topics

Main Theme

The main theme of this conference is
Trends of Work Education and Training in the Post-Pandemic Era


The scope of paper topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Each discipline of VET: theory, management and finance, teachers, system and policy, history and comparison etc.
  • Curriculum and Teaching Practice of VET
  • Competency, Vocational career development in VET
  • Extensive topics: work force development, in-company training, labor market Reformation of VET in IT society
  • VET in global society
  • Industrial 4.0 and Maker Movement
  • VET challenges and opportunities in Post-Pandemic Era
  • Other subjects related to TVET

The 17th AASVET Conference is going to be held in TAIWAN.

Procedure for paper submission about Vocational Education

1.Application for paper submission

Type/ Upload your abstract (500~600 English words). We will be accepting abstract till August 31, 2021. Provide your name, affiliation, paper title, and scope of topics (choose one out of 8 topics).


Authors are required to be enrolled in members list of the headquarter or the 17th AASVET Conference Preparatory Committee until October 30th 2021.

3.Abstract review

The review will be conducted by a few members in August. Authors might be required to revise or withdraw their paper through the review. In case of many applications, we might put a limit on the number of papers, considering the balance of each country.

4.Final full paper

Send in your complete and final paper for submission by October 30th, 2021. 4–6 pages (2,000–3,000 words) on A4 size papers. The electronic special volume will be uploaded by middle of November 2021. We will regard this as a formal publication. Members from each country will be able to download this volume.